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Let us take charge of your paid social campaigns

MKAW Digital provide bespoke precision-targeted paid social advertising campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.  Using a focussed, strategic approach we aim to reach your right audience quickly, which will help elevate your content and acquire the desired results.  

74% of Facebook users visit the platform every day ​

A Facebook advert is every 4th or 5th post = a huge majority of people the platform can reach

To ensure you get the most out of this marketing channel consider the following factors:

Ideally, you will have a website that is optimised for mobile because most of your traffic will come from a mobile device.  You will also need to have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website (don’t worry if it hasn’t we can help you with this).  You must also understand that ads require testing and time.

To ensure that you achieve the best possible results, it’s recommended that you have an ad spend of at least £20 per day. This allows you to test your campaigns by running ads to different audiences with different ad sets.  This is part of the testing strategy, which should be an ongoing part of your ad campaign.  You will also need to allow an additional fee of at least £500 per month for the management of your ads.

You should ideally understand your sales funnel and have the ability to track it. You should also be already gaining good organic results.  

Why pay for advertising on Facebook?

Paid ads are a great investment because the data you can capture from advertising with Facebook is immense.  No other advertising avenue will provide you with the amount of data that you can capture with this type of advertising.  For example if you would usually use your ads budget on leaflets or prints in newspapers/magazines you wouldn’t be able to accurately measure how many times people have viewed those ads or taken action from them.

Over 6 million businesses are using Facebook ads to reach their target audiences
Facebook is the number one ad channel for both B2C and B2B companies

How we can help?

Ensure your Facebook Pixel is installed and ensure your Ad account and Facebook page are connected, you have a privacy and cookies policy in place.

Enable you a better ROI by carrying out research to ensure that your adverts are being seen by your ideal audience.

Help choose your campaign objective

Edit your creative for each placement (e.g. Facebook/IG Stories) and write the ad copy and headlines

Build your campaign and schedule

For help with either your paid or organic ads please book in a free consultation by clicking on the button below.

Alternatively, if you want to go alone then we can either help you get started and set up your ad account and pixel or we can provide 1-2-1 support.

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