Google Ads Support

Google Ads Support

Pay per click advertising with Google Ads

Need help setting up your Google Ads account? Want to know what keyword to bid on?

We can help take away that pressure and manage your entire ad campaign.  Our Google Ads support will allow us to increase your return on investment and consistently drive traffic to your website.

Google Ads = Performance not awareness

To ensure you get the most out of this marketing channel consider the following factors:

Anyone that wants to appear at the top of the search (Text ads*), by bidding on a particular keyword/s.  Pay per click (PPC) advertising also covers display advertising* across the Google Network including YouTube, re-targeting and shopping.

Google Ads also works well for businesses looking to reach a local audience. 

*Display advertising consist of text, images, animation or video.

*Text ads are text only ads that appear next to Google search results by matching keywords you can bid on with users search queries.

You will only pay for your ads once an ad has been clicked on.  A daily budget will be set so you will never pay more than the max amount that you are prepared to spend.  Our management fee will also be on top.

Why Google Ads?

To stand a chance of appearing on page 1 of Google then Google Ads help with that goal.  With more than 96% of brands spending money on ads.  To scale your business Google Ads is a fantastic investment for your business.

For every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses earn an average revenue of $2
(Google – 2018)

How we can help?

First off, we will discuss your goals and target audience to create a bespoke strategy.

Carry out thorough keyword research and check that of your competitors

Build your campaign

Provide detailed reporting in line with your KPIs

For help and support with Google Ads (PPC) book a free consultation by clicking on the button below.

Alternatively, if you want to go alone then we can either help you get started and set up your ad account or we can provide 1-2-1 support.